From the Meetings to the Movement

A year ago, the World Bank Group won support for the audacious goal of ending extreme poverty.

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France elected to the Human Rights Council for 2014-2016

Human rights are among the founding values of the French Republic and lie at the heart of its foreign policy.

France is presenting its candidacy to the Human Rights Council with a view to promoting the highest standards of human rights protection. France’s action within the Human Rights Council.




Nantes en francophonie

Comme chaque année en mars, Nantes se met à l’heure francophone. Pour la 6e édition de « Nantes en francophonie », de nombreux rendez-vous sont prévus à partir du 7 mars au 26 avril 2014.A Cosmopolis : Village francophone, exposition, spectacles, films, dégustations culinaires, débats, proposés par les associations nantaises partenaires.



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Human Rights and Local Developments

Human Rights Council Advisory Committee adopts recommendations including on local government and human rights.

It was agreed that the rapporteurs on the enhancement of international cooperation, the negative impact of corruption on the enjoyment of human rights, sport and the Olympic ideal and local government and human rights would submit progress, interim or final reports to the twenty-seventh session of the Council in September 2014.



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Part 1

human rights and the local political action: "The vote of others"

The SPIDH realised one web-documentary about its central topic : the human rights and the local political action. The vote of the others is the first example "The vote of others".

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